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The Cure – Lovesong  (right click and choose Open in a new window to listen while reading)

Lovesong is a powerful story of romance after two worlds unexpectedly collide. It began when the Internet was still young after a brief exchange online. When two lonely souls were searching but not sure of what exactly it was they were looking for. Perhaps while experiencing this new age of being able to communicate instantly with strangers, they thought they might find a friend in the darkness of the night or perhaps there was an underlying desire to fill the emptiness inside.

Late summer in 1995 turned two ships passing in the night into fate as Pitar and Leanne would quickly discover when they began communicating after Pitar found a posting Leanne made on a personals web site.  After only two weeks of e-mail exchanges Pitar knew he had to meet her so he flew 3000 miles from Toronto to Los Angeles. 

Lovesong details the deep impact shared the minute they were face to face. It was as though the cosmos had taken over control. They both knew there was no future for them but seemed helpless to fight the intense unexpected feelings. Both were married and had their own story and soon they were torn by guilt and conflict.

Pitar stayed for two weeks as the weave of deception and magic grew deeper. They felt like they had lived a lifetime during those two weeks and when he flew back to Toronto the repercussions were emotional and physical for both. They were

both trying to deal with being apart as well as the guilt of what happened between them.  Unable to forget, Pitar confessed to his wife. Brigida searched Pitar’s computer while he was at work, found their emails and called Leanne in a rage full of tears and threats. Wracked with guilt, compassion and fear she promised to stop speaking to Pitar. She spent the next three days trying to reconcile herself to the fact that she would never have contact with him again. It was over! But by the fourth day the tears were more than she could bare and she broke the pact. She sent him an e-mail that only said “I love you.” It broke Pitar and he told Brigida that their marriage was over.

Pitar moved out, and he and Leanne made plans to be together. But there were roadblocks. So many thoughts and so many decisions made both their heads continuously spin. Over the next several months they created a path of destruction turning lives around. They caused pain to the people they cared about and often to each other. But there were still signs of destiny that they should be together. Or were there? ?

After running up debts on phone bills and flights back and forth for a year, Pitar flew one last time to pick up Leanne and take her back to Toronto for good. The bliss was short-lived lasting only two months before the dark side surfaced. Leanne spent the next four months in complete turmoil as her emotions were toyed with and her mind nearly destroyed. Strange and dangerous events started happening. By the sixth month she knew she had to leave to keep what little sanity she had left and quite possibly to stay alive. Dodging winter storms she drove the 3000 miles back home in complete silence enshrouded in a grey fog of thoughts. She tried looking back over the past year to see where things went wrong and kept coming up empty.

 There was no one to console her in her grief while the tears wouldn’t stop and a physical pain ate away at her heart. Soon after returning home she suffered a breakdown and spent a month under    daily out-patient psychiatric care. She spent the next several years living a reclusive life tied to the love they had once known. Not until 2001 was she able to slowly start picking up the pieces and look back without rose tinted glasses. She found what she believed were some of the answers. At least ones she could live with. And yet it took her another four years to bury the past which she did……literally.

From 3000 miles apart their journey took them from one country to another and from love to destruction.

Follow the story as it unfolds bringing the power of love that only magic and destiny can bring.

 Then feel its consequences and sorrow.


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