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{September 25, 2011}   Various little thoughts

I called up my friend and said, “Let’s do lunch,” and then picked her up and took her to Costco with me. She hasn’t talked to me in several weeks. I just don’t understand why!

I just lost my full time job. I think I might be dyslexic. I kept showing up at 5 and leaving at 9. 

I came home last night to find my living room window wide open. I walked up to the window and yelled, “Hey!!! Close the window! It’s cold out here!” :O

I’m getting old and forgetful now, but I really don’t know what to do. I bought Ginko and never remember to take it.

I can’t see worth a crap either. I’m forever laying my glasses down and then can’t find them,because I need my glasses to find my glasses.

Yup…I have turned back time all right. I look like a homo sapien hunchback caveman when I rise in the morning and try to walk to the bathroom. Life sucks!

8-18-16 Entries:

I’ve heard the gravitational pull from earth to sun in December is’s not as bright. I was born in December. So are you telling me I’m not bright??

My daughter said I talk with my hands too much. She said especially while I’m driving—she said I use my hands for every nuance and that when I got a ticket for using my Ipad while driving that I should have actually been given a ticket for talking with my hands! HAHAHA!!

Cruises rob ya if you are single and want to go on a cruise by charging way more for your room. It seems the only way I’ll ever get to take my bucket list cruise is via my ashes!!

Breaking News! There’s a new tribe in Arizona called Slapaho!! (Thanks Rudy!!)

Celebrex helped my pain from arthritis, which helped my memory. Sitting at my desk I couldn’t believe I actually remembered something …told my daughter…she asked what I remembered and I said I can’t remember!!! We had a great laugh!!

When I was about 14 growing up in central rural Minnesota I had a crush on a boy from a town about 25 miles from where I lived. Different schools obviously. One of my friends from school was a full-blooded American Indian, Chippewa—we hung out sometimes and I asked her if she would give me a ride to his town. We tied my bike on the back of her car and went to see him…I stayed out too long. I should have been home. I was sure I’d be in trouble. So the guy, blonde hair, blue eyed and my friend, Native American and I take off to drop me off. Getting close to home, suddenly I see my Dad’s car behind us, getting closer. I freaked out and so we took off and went down some country dirt road with my Mom n Dad in tow. (Mind you my material grandparents adopted me so this is an older generation!!!!) We finally gave up and stopped the car. There was no hiding with my bike tied to the trunk. We all got out and up charged my Dad. I tried to play it off cool and introduced my friend Brenda and then introduced him to her BROTHER!!!!! Bwahahahahaha! I obviously wasn’t and never have been a good liar!!

Regarding the Antique Road Show…can we just get to the value already?? Have you ever watched folks as they listen to the auction rep talk about the history, the rarity etc. etc. on the item they have brought in? And mind you, you have to PAY to bring things in to get a value on them! You can actually see the glazed look in their eyes and hear the fake interest in their voice on what’s being said. All they want to know is HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH? Get to that FIRST and THEN tell the story- Sheesh already!!

Wonder if anyone has ever stuck their tongue out at priest when receiving the host? Hee hee!

Sinclair Gas is back! It’s so retro that now I feel like the dinosaur on the sign!

I have been in an ongoing tweets back n forth with NBC LA Meteorologists about their EPIC FAILURE on the “Godzilla” that had me buying flood insurance for apparently no damn good reason—and oh yeah RAIN TODAY—-a whole .10 of an inch is expected–that’s not effing rain!! I told him I spit more than that in my DNA test tube!!! GRRRR!!


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