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{September 25, 2011}   Stinkin’ Bandits!!
Thieves really piss me off!  I went to work this morning only to discover that somehow our small department refrigerator had been turned off so all the food in it was warm. The freezer had defrosted leaving a full tray of water and my frozen entree and yogurt were among the things in there. Being the only one in my department at 6 AM, I cleaned it up and took my food to the main kitchen and put my food in there for later at lunch. As the morning progressed, I had second thoughts about my food. I don’t know what time the fridge was turned off and what if I got sick so I decided I wouldn’t eat it after all. At lunch time I went to the main floors kitchen and I’ll be dag nabbed if both of my items were gone!!  The fridge and freezer were full of people’s items but there was not one other frozen entree or yogurt the same as mine so I know it wasn’t an “accident.”  Did I write my name on my stuff? NO!  Why should I have to?  I have seen emails go out from HR in the past regarding food being taken from that fridge, but since our department chipped in for a little 3 foot one in our area, I didn’t think twice about it. I was so frickin’ mad I could spit!!!  It’s not about the “food.” It’s the principle. That someone was a thief and took what wasn’t there’s. I started cursing up a storm as my co-workers rolled in their chairs with laughter–the madder I got, the harder they laughed. I sent an e-mail to HR and cc’d my department that said someone had stolen my food and that it had sat in the fridge all night and was spoiled and that I hoped like hell that the person would crap out of every orifice they owned—their ears, nose, butt and any place else that crap could escape!!! I also wrote that I hoped they had their medical HMO card out at the ready! Why are people so dis-respectful??? 😦


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