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{September 25, 2011}   Mama, The Computer Geek

It was the weekend from hell! One crisis after another. Dropped my car off to be repaired early Saturday and took a bus home. At 2PM the shop called to tell me they couldn’t get one of the parts before 4PM, they close at 5 and it takes 3 hours to put the car together. Closed on Sunday, I was without my car for the weekend. I called their referenced car rental agency at 3:15PM. They closed at 3.  Murphy’s Law! My friend came over to install my new CD burner. We had dinner and talked late into the night.

On Sunday my computer ran out of memory causing applications not to run. In order to purchase more memory I had to gallivant around town in my daughters blue 81 Volvo. With front-end damage and the grill covering the radiator, I was basically driving a jalopy, fearful that people would think it was mine! Later we picked up her 8 yr. old daughter from her father and her son from the “other father” and brought them to my house. They made Christmas cookies with Mom and had such a sugar rush that grandma (me) broke out in a rash!!

Meanwhile I fought to install the new memory for 30 minutes before realizing that I was trying to put the chips in backwards (and my kids accused me of being a computer geek). Finally I began to hook everything back up but the keyboard wouldn’t plug in. Frustrated, I turned it every which way and couldn’t get the connector to plug in. I then noticed that I’d bent all the prongs inside the connector so now I had a broken keyboard. I drove blue Nelly to Radio Shack to buy a new one. I returned home and wah la, everything worked. I decided to burn my first CD and it froze three times leaving me with useless blank CD’s. More frustration. More of Murphy’s Law.

Meanwhile the grandkids started to get punchy. I heard screaming, crying and mother yelling in the other room. By then I had a splitting headache; neck and shoulders full of tension.  Night fell and my daughter dropped the 3 yr. old off. Then she left for a Christmas party with her boyfriend, leaving me the task of returning her daughter. Round trip 30 miles in the blue Demon. I returned and headed straight for the bathtub, poured a ton of bubbles in the water and cranked the water to just below scalding. I sunk in slowly, panting from the heat until my body adjusted. The lights were off, and a scented candle offered a soothing scent. The house was quiet except for the gentle ocean waves coming from my stereo. Thank God the next day was Monday. I needed the rest!


Constantin Antonov says:

Hi, Jeannie,
It was quite a sad day. I mean we were all upset because of Steve Job’s death.
It’s three in the morning and I enjoy myself, reading your posts. It’s a bit difficult reading to me – I’m not all than fluent in English, but I like your novels very much. I didn’t expect my American EP guru to be a computer geek. Am I in trouble? 🙂

Thank you for your website – it is very interesting to me in many aspects. Especially the fact that I learn a quite bit about the States and your life there, which is obviously different to what we have here.

Best regards and thank you again,

Constantin – your EP geek

jeanlund says:

Hello Constantin–
Thank you for leaving your comment.. quite a nice surprise…No you are not in trouble—you should count your blessings that I am computer geek, because I am also your computer geek too ready to help with your software! 🙂

You know that there are programs such as this one where you can copy and paste blocks of text and have the language translated.

Here is an example:
Αυτό το πρόγραμμα μπορεί να μην μεταφράσει τέλειο αλλά αυτό θα γίνει αντιληπτό το σημείο και ίσως θα σας βοηθήσει με την ανάγνωση του blog μου.


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