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{September 25, 2011}   Erma Bombeck’s replacement??

I would just love to have my own newspaper column. I could be pissing and moaning and telling it like it is. I would tell the world that I think our government is abusive and mafia style driven. That we are ‘FREE’ just isn’t the case. Of course we can move about, etc. Free to BUY, but we buy beyond our means, and get sucked into debt and then pay five times as much in interest rates and never get the balances down. Marketing is killing our kids…..taxes are turning our pockets outward, we pay social security and there’s going to be nothing left. Well then, I want all of MY money back that I’ve put into it. I didn’t just give that for free! That wasn’t taxes that I paid. That was for MY supplement for MY retirement! And we go into debt, believe it or not, with all the places we are hit asking for money. People on off ramps, in front of stores, at the door, co-workers selling for kid’s school fundraisers, the list goes on forever. We are killing ourselves. We are letting the gov kill us.


We marry abusive spouses and have police turn their backs when we need help….too much paperwork. They’d rather be beating unarmed lawbreakers to death with flashlights! (and then after so-called “investigations” the cops are always exonerated. What a CROCK!) There’s not enough help, medically and therapy for families, for the homeless. We fight terrorism abroad and let the baggy jeaned white trash, the blacks and the Mexicans commit robbery and murder in our neighborhoods; (and please don’t think I am a racist and bitch) I don’t yell racism when I am called a KRAKAR do I?) (And let me just emphasize that. I love the black culture. I have close friends of many races who are hard working, educated, moralistic, family oriented folks. I adore them and would stand beside them till the end of time.) My heart cries out whenever I watch the news and see some poor mother whose son or daughter was just killed on the street. It isn’t RIGHT and it’s not right that officials do don’t something about it–it’s as if because they are poorer or live in the projects their life means nothing! We can give our money away to other countries–we can give our jobs to foreigners but we cannot pick up our own people, no matter the color and give them the tools, (and this includes emotionally) which they need to have a decent quality of life????  That is total BULLSHIT! And poor demented homeless people wandering aimlessly sleeping in boxes or on benches, some with children. Oh my God why???? When does the vicious circle end?? We are afraid to walk after dark, and in some cases in the daytime. We are afraid to use ATM’s…. always looking over our shoulders, we have to worry about being caught in a police chase and smashed to smithereens by speeding suspects or cops. We pay outrageous amounts for medicine because the gov pacifies the pharmaceutical companies and we fight our HMO’s to see specialists and then when laid off from jobs, and COBRA runs out, the same HMO’S deny us personal medical coverage because we’ve seen doctors in the past so we are a ‘RISK’…. penalized for even using the insurance at ALL!!

And I’d tell Mommy’s to shut their damn spoiled little shits up before I drop kick them through the goal post of life! I’m sick of seeing them throw themselves down in fits, and scream and crying at the top of their lungs. Biting, hitting, all of it! It’s been several years now since you all listened to some quack shrink’s advice to give “time outs,” to take away something they like, to talk to them. How many more years before you see that it just ain’t workin’??


The government (state, federal) has made sure to terrorize parents with fear that they will go to jail if they “abuse” their kids and have made it so the parents are afraid to punish them. And filled their head with this tender tough love bullshit!! IT AIN’T WORKIN’!!! I see kids acting up every day. Maybe 1 out of 10 is calm and behaved. The rest are tyrants. I say open up a good ol fashioned can of WHOOP ASS!


Out of breath right now, but have tons more to pitch a bitch about…including some stories to share about how I raised my kids….a whole lot different then most folk which will probably put parents everywhere up in arms!



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