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{September 25, 2011}   Easter Shopping

Here’s the deal. I just left home and drove to my local car wash and it was closed. I was pretty bummed because my car was filthy inside and out and was in dire need. The car wash is always open Sunday’s so I was very surprised to find it closed for Easter, considering it is owned by people from the Middle East and the crew is all illegals from Mexico!


Bummed, I decided to drive the 13 miles across my valley where most of the shopping is around here (because the city forgot we exist on THIS side of town, until last year when they finally ran out of room on the THAT side and are now tearing up MY side…grumble grumble) I have a 32″ Magnavox TV in my bedroom which is 7 years old and a great TV, great picture etc. but I decided I wanted a new one because the clarity is so much better now with the new technology. So I get over there and Best Buy is closed! There were a few other cars driving up and discovering the same thing as we all slowly kept going, disappointed. The sale started today and I am wondering WHY?!


So I head about 1/2 mile away grumbling under my breath how Best Buy just lost my business and Sears will get my money. I turn into the mall parking lot and…..bada BING!  Sears is closed, as is the whole mall. Once again I am greeted by several other cars driving around with the same looks of disbelief on their faces. I actually drive up to the door of Sears and get out and peek through the windows to see if anyone is inside. No-one. As I head back to my car, a woman pops her head out her driver’s window and asks “Are they going to be open?” I don’t think the way I was dressed (funky olive shorts, an olive striped shirt, no makeup, dirty hair and sunglasses) that I really could have passed for the gate keeper, how EVER I told her they open at 10 and it’s ten of ten and no sign of life. Depleted we all leave. I couldn’t believe it!  Everything closed on Easter Sunday?  And no warning???  No announcement or anything? I thought stores were only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years??


There was no one wanting my money!!! I was on a mission to SPEND!!!  I was even going to look at a new Home Theater system as I am having a yard sale next weekend and my current one AND the TV are on the list to sell.  Feeling really bummed I headed home while wracking my brain trying to think of who would stay open on Easter besides ME, if I owned a store!!  I passed by another car wash on the west side of town so I pulled in, happy that at least I would get the car clean. Being on the west end, which is the “upscale, snooty” end, I had to pay $14 for a stinking car wash rather than my normal $8 and the guy tried up selling me for shampooing my mats etc. I couldn’t get a cheaper car wash, Best Buy and Sears were closed and I was NOT in a good mood!!  I told him the piece of crap car didn’t DESERVE its mats washed and told the guy “forgggedaboudit!”  I don’t know WHY I was mad at my car but I guess because I felt it failed at its job to takeme some place where I could SPEND my money!  

grumble grumble ****%%%%%###


As I left I passed K-Mart. Well of course THEY were open…I wouldn’t buy a TV there if my life depended on it so I passed.  They were probably only open to help Martha Stewart out because they had her stuff on sale this weekend. Grumble grumble.


So I head back home and decide to take the long way and go to the Costco on MY side of town. I pull in the parking lot along with about 10 other cars and low and behold…….it’s closed!  Wahhhhh!!!

I think we all got excited for a minute because the carts were outside the door. But they open at 10 on Sunday and it was 10:30 so the carts were there just because that’s where they tie up the carts when they close.


I headed home and was so depressed that I went to the In-n-Out drive through for a burger and fries one block from my home.  MIRACLE!!!  They were open!! So I spent two hours of my time and my MONEY on an overpriced car wash and fast food for my over weight body and am back home.


Now *I* am as Christian as the next one but REMEMBER!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!  And HE is probably parked outside the Sports Chalet some place ticked off that he can’t go shopping!!!!


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