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{February 26, 2009}   Welcome to my Writers Blog!

I hope to amuse and entertain you with my stories and quip art. There is comic relief, intrigue and drama. There is love and sorrow. There are opinions and ponderences. There are rants and raves and reflections. 

I have been told that I tell some great stories, especially when I am bitching about something. I think George Carlin was my soul mate. Yes he may have been crude, rude and brutally honest, but that’s what I loved about him. I’m the same way. The great thing about Carlin is that the things he said made sense. He said things that other people only think about and are too inhibited to say. I like that. He could probably get away with it better than I. After all I am a female, I should act like a lady. But I don’t.  😉

So please enjoy and know that my rants are filled with honesty and humor  but I mean no  disrespect to any race, religion or sex that I may perhaps diss at some point.

When finished here be sure to check out my other writing pages over on the right under that groovy chick!


Here we go with:



Jean Lund


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